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Chelsea Boots


Chelsea Boots

Chelsea Boots

Winter is here and it's the time of the year we're all about. Joyrides on your motorbike should be matched with a proper outfit. Our men’s leather Chelsea Boots are versatile, so wear them with jeans or a pair of pence woolen pants.

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The history of Chelsea Boots

Under the commission of Victoria Queen, J. Sparkes-Hall makes a pair of Chelsea Boots just for her in 1851 and is credited with the design. However in 1839, it was Charles Goodyear's invention of vulcanised rubber that created a new process for making rubber soles just for boots and added the elastic side band.

Who started wearing Chelsea Boots as a fashion trend?

The debate is still wide open on whether the Rolling Stones or the Beatles started wearing these boots first, followed by their many fans. What we do know is that as part of pop culture language, they’re known as ‘Beatles Boots’.

How to match them

Firstly, they’re Winter boots. Whether in full grain or suede leather, ours come with the Vibram rubber gumlite sole. Their style is casual and a little bit rock and roll: made for those who enjoy wearing skinny pants, dark jeans or even grey woollen trousers. They’re super versatile Boots.

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