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‘Coverta’ is the shifter shoe protector to be used everyday when riding a bike. It’s made to protect your shoe every time you go up a gear. With its black full-grain leather, the elastic band and a Vibram anti-slip rubber, you won’t ruin any more Velasca shoes. You can even close it with velcro.


The leather is always selected by our artisans’ expert eyes; and the cuts, as well as the shoe protector borders, are made by hand in Italy. With its Vibram anti-slip rubber, you won’t ruin any more Velasca shoes when riding your motorbike.


Unrefined leather goes through the traditional process called “tanning”. And is treated so to prevent it from decomposition or loss in flexibility. Afterwards, the leather is put in a rotating wood barrel with water and black coloring solution for dyeing. Water is then warmed up to 60°C to help the color bind to the leather for a lasting finish.


Our smooth calfskin leather comes from so-called full grain layer, the outermost and most valuable part of leather. It is also the one that undergoes the least processing: any veining is a guarantee of natural quality. This feature ensures that feet breathe more and that shoes last longer. And have you noticed how elegant they are?

Smooth calf leather
Shoe protector with a velcro closure
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Coverta - Velasca
Coverta - Velasca
Coverta - Velasca
Coverta - Velasca