They're our most versatile shoes for men. Wear them all year, with or without socks. There’s no other shoe, quite like our low Sneakers, that are loved by such a diverse range of people with many different tastes.

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What do Sneakers mean?

Similar to gym shoes, men’s Sneakers are casual and best worn in your free time. The origin of the name refers to lack of noise the rubber sole makes when you walk in them: thus allowing someone to pass by unnoticed.

Which low Sneakers made history?

There have been many brands driving Sneaker culture throughout the generations, with presumably more to follow. Do white Sneakers Adidas ‘Stan Smith’ (1971), ‘Vans Era’ (1976), ‘New Balance 576’ (1986), or ‘Nike Air Max 1’ (1987) ring any bells to you? These are just some of the classics that we’re still wearing today.

When should I wear them?

Whenever you want. Sneakers are super versatile and can be matched with almost anything. Pair them with some jeans for a casual and relaxed look, or dare to be different and wear them with a mismatched suit at a more formal occasion. Sneakers are for the modern gentleman and the rebel at heart.