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Men’s clothing in a timeless style. Designed by us and created by our artisans.

Ankle Boots

Casual-boot lovers with the capital “c”? These are our Ankles for men who’re free to dare when it comes to style.

Ankle Boots

For the driven freelancer on top of his career, architect or young designer, our low cut Ankle Boots provide a casual, versatile and durable option (especially in the colder months of the year). If the plan is to get outdoors, go knowing that we’ve got you covered.


Welcome to our collection of men’s bags made especially for helping you carry around all your worldly possessions on your travels. You’ll find backpacks, weekender bags, laptop bags, beauty cases, briefcases and overnight cases. They’re all handmade in Italy by our artisans always choosing the best leather and canvas quality on the market.


Every pair of made in Italy shoes need a matching belt. Everyone knows, it’s the little details that count, and you can never own too many accessories. Choose the right men’s belt.

Bermuda shorts

Quality bermuda shorts made in Italy, cool and comfortable against the skin. They fit well and last a lifetime.


Single and double-breasted blazers, Made in Italy quality. For formal attire, but also for when you want to dress casual, with jeans and an Oxford shirt.

Boat Shoes

Imagine finding yourself on the boat of an Italian sailor man: what’s on his feet? Inspired by the style and strength of this sport, our boat shoes are made in Italy by our artisans’ hands. Whether in nubuck or rustic leather, these shoes with laces (and white anti-slip rubber sole) are just right for summertime without any socks.


Handmade boots made in Italy; you can wear them anywhere, even when it gets cold. To each his own style.

Boots with buckle

The boots for those who love a buckle, which wraps around and enriches these shoes with detail. Formal or relaxed depending on how you wear them.

Cable knit

Cable knitted men’s sweaters in sustainable wool, elegant and warm. Perfect for winter, or up in the mountains.

Carrot fit

We nickname them "carrot fit": roomier at the waist then narrow down towards the ankles. Made in Italy.


Casual shirts, 100% high quality cotton. Made in Italy and eco-friendly.

Chelsea Boots

Winter is here, and we’re all about that part of the year. Joyrides on your motorbike should be matched with a proper outfit. Our men’s leather Chelsea Boots are versatile, so wear them with jeans or a pair of pence woolen pants.