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Our Story

  • Quality First

    We spent over a year meticulously designing our first Velasca collection.
    Our shoes are hand-stitched using century-old traditions
    of fine Italian shoe-making.

    'Quality First' means sourcing the best materials and
    putting craftsmanship back at the center of the equation.

  • Direct to Consumer

    We've long had to choose between over-priced and over-marketed shoes that are no friend of your wallet, and low-quality, cheaply made shoes that are no friend of your feet.

    We knew there had to be a better way.

    So we created Velasca as a return to the basics:
    great shoes delivered directly to you at fair prices.

100% Made in Italy

All Velasca products are designed in Milan and
hand-crafted by Italian artisans in the small town of Montegranaro, Marche.

Meet the founders

Enrico Casati

My personal goal?
Surprising our customers with the best possible experience.
My biggest satisfaction?
Designing a product and meeting people that use it to express their own personalities.

Jacopo Sebastio

My biggest curiosity?
Understanding the taste of people, stepping into their wardrobe continent by continent.
My biggest challenge?
Refraining myself from buying all the shoes we sell.

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