E-Gift Card

E-Gift Card

A gift that lasts a lifetime.
Arrives straightaway without you having to choose anything.


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your first step towards something Made in Italy

gift someone a shoe care kit

you’re getting closer to sweaters and shirts

gift someone a shirt or some pants

a sweater or a pair of shoes made to last

a handworked sweater or a pair of boots

gift someone a shirt and pants

gift someone a full Velasca outfit

as if it were a timeless coat

shoes and clothing that lasts a lifetime

Whatsapp | Velasca Order on WhatsApp

When choosing “order on WhatsApp”, you can complete your purchase in just a few steps with the help from a member of our team.

The E-Gift Card will be sent to your inbox as soon as purchase is complete. It’s active straightaway, both at velasca.com or at the Men's Velasca Bottega in New York.
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You can forward the E-Gift Card to the desired recipient whenever you like, keeping in mind that it’s valid for one year from the date of purchase. If you can, avoid printing it out - the element of surprise won’t be lost plus you’ll save a few trees.

Remember that E-Gift Cards can’t be refunded, returned or exchanged for their monetary value. They cannot be purchased with a discount code.

After buying a product with an E-Gift Card, you can exchange it following Velasca return and exchange criteria. But it cannot be reimbursed.

If you don’t use all of the E-Gift Card’s value in one go, don’t worry, you can use the remaining amount on your next order.

FREE SHIPPING AND RETURNS ON ALL ORDERS > $100 (USA, Canada, Norway and Switzerland)


Velasca | E-Gift Card: a gift made to last

Choose the value of the Velasca E-Gift Card. There’s nothing better than making the people you really care about happy.

Velasca | E-Gift Card: a gift made to last

Our E-Gift Card can be bought online and you can use it right away. It’s super fast and eco-friendly.

Velasca | E-Gift Card: a gift made to last

Send it via email or print it out and deliver by hand. The first option is easier and more sustainable.

Velasca | E-Gift Card: a gift made to last

The person receiving the E-Gift Card can use it online.