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Shoe Trees

Our shoes are made to last. But, how could you extend their life even further? With our cedar wood shoe trees, you will perfectly maintain their shape and condition when they’re not on your feet.

Shoe care kits

Your shoe care kit. Inside you’ll find men’s cleaning accessories for suede and full-grain leather shoes: brushes, polishes, and shoe horns.


Every pair of made in Italy shoes need a matching belt. Everyone knows, it’s the little details that count, and you can never own too many accessories. Choose the right men’s belt.


Choose the online collection of men’s leather wallets and card holder wallets. They’re made in Italy for collecting bills, business cards and credit cards.

Shoe protectors

We designed the shifter shoe protectors just for saving your leather shoes from your motorbike. Made by hand in Italy with love.


Welcome to our collection of men’s bags made especially for helping you carry around all your worldly possessions on your travels. You’ll find backpacks, weekender bags, laptop bags, beauty cases, briefcases and overnight cases. They’re all handmade in Italy by our artisans always choosing the best leather and canvas quality on the market.


Entirely Italian elegance in your outfits. Our line of artisanal socks, made in Italy with extrafine Egyptian cotton or merino wool.

Ties FA x V.

Choose a handcrafted tie with a rolled hem, designed with Fabio Attanasio and made according to tradition. To wear with your suit, whenever suits.