Bottega of Milan

Our very first Bottega is located in Milan. This is where it all began. You’ll find us in the Arco della Pace district, among historic beauties and the city’s green lung. This is the perfect meeting place for the man who wants to feel the artisanal shoes (and all the accessories) in his own hands in Milan, or a place to chat with people who share similar values. Think of our store as the new neighborly cultural gathering: welcome.



5 pm - 9 pm
Tuesday - Friday
12 pm - 4 pm
5 pm - 9 pm
Saturday - Sunday
11 am - 9 pm


Piazza Sempione, 2
20154 Milan
T: (+39) 338 94 57 733
E: bottega@velasca.com


Moscova or Lanza stops,
MM Green Line.
Cadorna stop,
MM Red Line.
Tram 1, 10, or 19.


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The Velasca experience

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Enjoy the Velasca hospitality, from beginning to end.
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"You only get one chance to make a first impression. Never forget that your best asset is your smile!"

Alicia started working at her dad’s shoe store before ending up at Velasca in September 2015. To do this job you need three skills: positivity, curiosity, and the ability to listen to your clients, because first and foremost, they are people.

Come meet us

Velasca Bottega Milano Velasca Bottega Milano Velasca Bottega Milano Velasca Bottega Milano

We chat about the society we live in, from the famous stories to the secret ones, always keeping an eye on our city.

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Fiorucci’s idea is to give his city a memorable event, after all.

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Agnes is a very popular girl and surely not an easy catch.

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